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Article excerpt: <<Harry, along with his large entourage, went down to the hotel bar and met a bunch of young women and invited them up to his VIP suite – to play billiards and poker.  But little did he know that three of the girls were professional poker players planted by the hotel. Once in the room, things got wild, with the group playing a game of strip pool that quickly escalated into full-on royal nudity.>>   Aug. 22, 2012   


Looks like payback time for Harry for wearing the nazi uniform with the swastika. The PIMPS did the same thing to Clinton when they made the picture famous showing his backside with Lewinski. … because Clinton turned his back on Israel. True fact!  Also a possible attempted ‘Sextortion’ gone bad … like maybe Prince Harry refused to pay $50 million so his nakid-ass was blasted in world media by Political PIMPS which usually involves FBI and/or CIA otherwise notice how the FBI are always m.i.a. in these cases! This took place at Steve Wynn’s ‘Encore’ Casino where another case of sextortion began, Crissy Mazzeo a waitress at Wynn Casino tried to sextort Nevada Governor Gibbons in 2006:

Political PIMPS. They have no shame to their game and they’re known world wide and in religious territories and is why the U.S. is referred to as the “Great Satan”. Pentagon Pimps as though they’re all virgins. It doesn’t get any more degrading than this, sub-human disgust on the Pimps part, demonic perversion to the nth degree.

Revelation 12:9 – 12:12 The great dragon was hurled down–that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him. Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: For the accuser of our brothers, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down. “Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you in great wrath, he is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short.” <Tick-Tock the Nuclear Clock!  Benjamin Netanyahu is indeed involved in these Sextortions directly along with Rupert Murdoch and many other major ‘crusaders’> Pimp My Jesus. Pimp My War.


Hell Broke Loose

***Money is ALWAYS paid upfront,  she claims she is a ‘professional’, I contend she was already paid by the CIA/FBI PIMPS! Money is ALWAYS collected upfront regardless of WHO they are– especially if the client is drunk/drugs.  If this is another Sextortion I expect a book-n-movie deal to follow soon.          April 15, 2012


The White House and the U.S. Intelligence Community are not treating as benign infractions the events surrounding the calling back from the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia of at least eleven, and possibly up to twenty Secret Service agents with the White House’s advance security team for cavorting with prostitutes in Cartagena just prior to President Obama’s visit to the city. In addition, at least five member of the U.S. Special Operations forces — who are reportedly assigned to the U.S. Southern Command headquartered in Miami — are being confined to their quarters as a result of their involvement in parties with prostitutes.

WMR has learned from our intelligence sources that the prostitution scandal will grow since there are also reports that staying at the $200/night five-star Hotel El Caribe in the trendy Bocagrande area of Cartagena were members of the White House Communication Agency that sets up all White House encrypted communications services prior to a presidential visit, as well as members of the president’s White House staff. White House staff members had rented entire suites at the hotel. The incident is being treated by the U.S. Intelligence and law enforcement communities as potentially a major compromise of presidential security and classified White House communications. President Obama later said he wanted a “rigorous” probe of the incident.

WMR’s intelligence sources point out that Cartagena is not only the center for Israeli-run prostitution rings but that these rings also use both legal age and underage females who are provided with breast enhancements by their Israeli organized crime pimps to make them more attractive to customers. The spin being employed by the White House and their sycophants in the media is that the prostitution scandal merely involved mostly married Uniformed Division and special agent Secret Service personnel unconnected to the Presidential Protective Division that provides personal protection for the president.

The Secret Service agents and military personnel were heavily drinking at bars near the El Caribe on the night of April 11. At the bars, they met prostitutes and many took them back to their hotel rooms. The El Caribe has a policy that requires overnight guests of hotel customers to leave a photo ID with the front desk and vacate the room by 7 o’clock in the morning. Apparently, the Secret Service agents and military personnel used their official security credentials to circumvent the hotel’s security policy, which was enhanced just prior to the Summit. A number of officials of other Latin American and Caribbean governments had already been checking into the hotel prior to the Summit. President Obama was booked into the Cartagena Hilton, which is close to the Caribe. Obama had not arrived when the prostitution incident took place. The accused Secret Service agents hurriedly departed Colombia on April 12, a day before Obama’s arrival.

When one Secret Service agent refused to pay one prostitute 47 dollars and a heated argument ensued that attracted the attention of hotel security, the hotel management called the police. Police then filed a report, which was then leaked to the media. One major question remains, however. Why did the Colombian police, who have a history of covering up such incidents in order to protect VIP visitors and their staffs, decide to make the incident public?

The answer to that question lies in the frosty pre-Summit interchanges between Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. ambassador to Colombia Michael McKinley over Santos’s pre-summit trip to Havana to meet with Cuban President Raul Castro to apologize for Washington’s and Ottawa’s insistence that Cuba be barred from attending the Cartagena summit. Santos was also furious with pre-summit statements by U.S. officials flatly rejecting his and other Latin American leaders’ proposals to legalize drugs and supporting Argentina’s claims over the Malvinas or Falkland Islands, which are controlled by Britain.

When the Secret Service agents, U.S. military members, and reportedly, other members of the White House political staff, were compromised by the prostitution parties in the El Caribe, instead of ordering the police to gloss over the incident and tell the unpaid prostitute to leave the scene or be arrested, Santos allowed the police investigation of the incident to proceed and the subsequent leak of the incident to the media to occur.

Santos, who enjoys friendly relations with ailing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, has also been successful in bringing the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) to the negotiating table. Therefore, Santos no longer feels encumbered to placate the dictates of Washington, which, in the past, has provided military and counter0insurgency support to Bogota.

The Secret Service and other White House staffers also walked into a cleverly-contrived trap.  Israel’s Mossad is under orders to undermine Obama at every step in order to better the odds for the election of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s former Boston Consulting Group colleague and friend Mitt Romney as president. The Israeli embassy in Bogota reportedly worked closely with Colombian and Israeli Jewish criminal elements and businessmen in Cartagena to draw the White House team into a trap. The ploy worked and as a result Republican members of the House of Representatives are calling for a full inquiry into the scandal, which has tarnished Obama’s statesmanship credentials during an important international summit.

Former Washington Post reporter Ron Kessler was the first to report the prostitute scandal in an exclusive to his old paper. However, today, Kessler writes for the right-wing Newsmax, which apes a strong pro-Israeli line. Kessler also has contacts inside the Secret Service, having written a book about the agency. Kessler has overly-dramatized the Colombian incident, stating “This is the worst scandal in the history of the Secret Service,” Many scholars would agree that the Secret Service’s failure to protect President John F. Kennedy from assassins’ bullets was the worst scandal in the agency’s history. On CNN, Kessler said the second-worst scandal for the Secret Service was the crashing of a White House state dinner in 2009 by two supposedly uninvited publicity-seeking guests, Tareq and Michaele Salahi. Kessler placed that incident ahead of the failure to ensure that potential assassins could not fire off weapons at Presidents Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford.

Many Cartagena prostitutes, known for their attractiveness, are provided with balloon breast implants by the Colombian/Israeli mafia in the city. The women are then trafficked to such locations as Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Dubai, and Singapore to provide “services” to international bankers and oil sheiks who then find themselves subject to blackmail by Mossad interlocutors. The womens’ work visas are facilitated jointly by local Israeli crime syndicates who work closely with the responsible Mossad stations.

Israeli intelligence teams have plagued Colombia for a number of years. Colombia still has Interpol arrest warrants out for three Israeli mercenaries — Yair Klein, Melnik Ferri, and Tzedaka Abraham — who provided assistance to Colombian drug cartels and right-wing death squads. The three, along with other Israeli agents, have collaborators and informants riddled throughout Colombia’s police, intelligence, and military ranks.

Santos, when informed of the attempt to compromise the security of the White House security team by putas employed by the Israeli mob, simply told the police that the Americans were on their own and they had to simply pay the prostitutes, deal with the media exposure, and that the Colombian government would not provide the customary cover extended by past Colombian presidents like Santos’s Mossad- and CIA-controlled predecessor Alvaro Uribe. For Obama, Colombian “Hookergate” should serve as a wake up call on just how far Netanyahu will go to embarrass the Obama administration and just how bankrupt Latin American goodwill is towards the United States.


ANOTHER RECENT COLOMBIAN STING:   A US judge sentences “Merchant of death” Viktor Bout, a Russian arms dealer competing with Israel, to 25 years in prison in New York for conspiring to sell a massive arsenal to anti-American guerrillas in Colombia. Bout was arrested in Thailand and now imprisoned in New York. Experts say Viktor Bout’s conviction has done little to curb global flow of illicit weapons.


ROMNEY & NETANYAHU TOGETHER – Little known to outsiders, they share a warm friendship after their lives intersected at a Boston firm.


CIA FOGGO IN CENTRAL-SOUTH AMERICA – “Dusty Abroad”   2006                                             


<<Foggo worked as a logistics expert for the CIA for several decades and has been based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, as well as Vienna and Frankfurt.>>

<< “Three of Wilkes’ former friends say he told them he was involved in assignations between some of the legislators and prostitutes in Central America.” >> (assignation: an appointment for a meeting, especially a lover’s secret rendezvous)

<<My sources said that Foggo was a regular at the Maya Hotel’s casino in Tegucigalpa; >>

<<Foggo, said my sources, was also a regular at a local bar named Gloria’s, which one source said was chiefly known for having “a brisk hooker trade.”>>

<< Foggo’s nocturnal habits were a source of great concern within the local CIA station. >>

<<“Gloria’s was a ticking bomb,” said the source cited above. “There were a lot of Cuban women there and you had to be mindful that you might be set up.” This person said that before he was sent to Tegucigalpa, his boss at the CIA gave him a “fire-breathing” lecture about staying far away from spots like Gloria’s.>>

High End Prostitution And Drug Ring Broken Up

July 20, 2011

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes announced a 144-count indictment against 17 members of a high class, big bucks prostitution ring out of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

Five corporations and two of the largest investors, Efim Gorelik and Yakov Maystrovich, who each invested $700,000 to the company, were also named in the indictment of High Class NY.

The prostitution ring was a family affair. Mikhail Yampolsky; his wife, Bronislava; his son, Alexander; and his stepson, Jonathan Yampolskaya; face up to 25 years in jail if convicted of charges of Enterprise Corruption, Promoting Prostitution, Money Laundering, and Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance. They allegedly lived a lavish lifestyle with High End NY making more than $7 million over three years, from 2007-2010. In a separate indictment, two of the escorts were charged with Prostitution, Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance and Attempted Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance.

“High class NY went to considerable lengths to conceal it’s crime including creating a series of dummy corporations with misleading names,” DA Hynes said.

Escort services ranged from $400 -$3600 an hour and clients often spent $10,000 in one night according to the indictment. High Class NY was on call 24/7 out of an office at 2313 Coney Island Avenue. The clients would call various numbers which would lead them to people at the 2nd floor office in Brooklyn. Clients would then be meet up with their escorts at high end, expensive hotels across the city, according to prosecutors. The company used billing techniques, like fake business names, to hide and conceal the nature of the client’s purposes on credit card statements according to the indictment.

“The customers were all high end customers coming from the financial markets many of them, hedge fund people, people with nothing but money,” DA Hynes said in a press conference Wedneday afternoon.

High Class NY went to great lengths to conceal their true operation according to DA Hynes, which included hiring an attorney to draw up employment contracts with the women hired, calling them “models” and prohibiting them from sexual contact with clients. However, sexual acts were involved as well as the sale of cocaine and other drugs, according to the indictment. The women were from various countries and ethnicities and are believed to be in the U.S.legally. They are described as 20-30 years old; 30 was considered old. No other escorts other than the two in the indictment will be charged. Prosecutors are not ruling out charging the “johns” or those who hired the escorts.

The company is charged with operating several escort websites, including,,,, and The group advertised in print publications and on the internet including Some $2 million dollars of High End NY has been frozen by authorities in light of the indictment.

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 Mikhail Yampolsky
Mikhail Yampolsky
 ***Dimona is reported to be the location of the nuclear plant.



RIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) — Two Israeli nationals were arrested on suspicion of running a massive Palm Springs prostitution ring that employed more than 240 women in several Western states and generated millions of dollars, authorities said.

The men operated Elite Entertainment, which posed as an escort service in online and newspaper advertisements, according to court documents.

For at least three years, the business managed more than 80 phone lines, where clients across California, Nevada, Oregon and Arizona could call an 800 number and request an escort. The suspects would then dispatch prostitutes, who charged between $200 to $2,000 for sexual services, Riverside County Sheriff Bob Doyle said Monday.

Boaz Benmoshe, 44, and Ofer Moses Lupovitz, 43, were among seven people arrested last week for investigation of pimping, pandering, perjury, loan fraud, money laundering, falsifying income tax returns and grand theft, Doyle said. He described Benmoshe and Lupovitz as the ringleaders.

Authorities say the suspects used the money to fraudulently secure loans for million-dollar homes around the Coachella Valley. “They were living large,” Doyle said.

During a 2½-year probe, undercover detectives called for escorts who worked for Elite Entertainment to be sent to hotel rooms in several locations and arrested them after money was exchanged for the promise of sex.

Authorities also seized about 15 computers and $5 million in unspecified assets. Officials said the investigation was continuing and that more arrests were likely.

The suspects include Benmoshe’s wife, Melanie Ann Smith, 24, and Russian nationals Moti M. Vintrov, 33, and Eliran Vintrov, 28, plus their spouses. Bail amounts were set from $25,000 to $1.5 million, according to court records. Arraignment was scheduled for Aug. 21.

No telephone number was listed for Benmoshe, of Rancho Mirage. The office of Elite Entertainment, which went by several names, has been vacant for several months.

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