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Need military IG to investigate this not FBI terrorist gangs.

Arizona FBI Longbow team is part of the investigation team on this mass shooting, same FBI terrorist gang that killed cattle at Bundy Ranch, that picked up and hid bullet casings at Lavoy’s murder in Oregon where the area was later burned by arsonists, interviewed Jared and Amanda Miller before they killed the 2 Las Vegas cops. Longbow was arrested in Garland, Tx at “Draw Mohammed” and now being sued in Texas for the incident that got cops shot at, involved in the murder of border agent Brian Terry, ’60 Minutes’ did a segment of FBI Longbow corruption. Greg Burleson who got 68 years fed time worked for them, etc, etc… FBI Longbow radicalizes people. Operation Cerberus

Fed’s Killing Cops or Just Collateral Damage? Again!

FBI’s Serial Killers:
aka Charles Johnson is FBI Longbow was at Bundy Standoff, interviewed Jared Miller who killed 2 Vegas cops, he was at Draw Mohammed in Dallas where cops were shot at, part of Fast-n-Furious, etc…

The Serial Killer Freed By The FBI Who Killed Again <…FBI made him a paid informant regarding a murder-for-hire scheme. He murdered while “working” for the FBI between January 2003 and August 2004 — in addition to the potentially dozens of others who are suspected of having fallen prey to his homicidal ways both before and after that spree.

FBI Charles Johnson in Denver, CO. Denver FBI used agent provocateurs including Scott Lee Kimball, an FBI informant, who tortured and murdered as many as 17 women in Colorado.

By Henry Vinson, with Nick Bryant. An insider’s look into a nefarious governmental smear schemes.

Radio interview:  Opperman Report : Nick Bryant , Confessions of A DC Male Madam, Franklin Scandal  start @ 3:30

Blah, blah, blah. It doesn’t mean a thing, bunch of lies. You’ll NEVER stop PIMP-agents from spying on drugs, gangs, and FREE SEX CAMS. This FAKE news belongs on The Onion farcical news site and  
So where do we report transgressors of this new reform to?
Along with your rearranging deck chairs …be sure to create a militant-style power source that victims can report the abuse to and where the victim can receive immediate attention and assistance and without automatic retaliation. 
When my escort service was victimized by the spy pimps who wanted to sextort selective clients there was absolutely NO ONE to turn to for help, going to the FBI was like reporting the devil to the witch and they teamed up to retaliate on me, then after 8 yrs in prison the FISA court still refuses my redress and relief, FISA refers to my claims as “frivolous” and “fruitcake” just to save their own selves and their sick schemes.
Thank you


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By Ralph Forbes

Nov. 20, 2012

The establishment media tells a tangled tale about the scandal that forced the resignation of David H. Petraeus as Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director.However, there are important details that shed new light on the matter compared to what the mainstream media has been reporting.

Many believe the scandal was a set-up designed to bring down the general precisely because he was a highly-placed figure standing in opposition to the push by Israel’s current rulers to engage the United States in a war against Iran.

Although previously a favorite of neoconservative supporters of Israel, Petraeus ended up on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ‘destroy’ list after the general testified before Congress on March 16, 2010, that U.S. interests and Israeli interests are not identical; Israel is a strategic burden, not an asset, to the United States; and Israeli policiesendanger the lives of our troops.

The reaction to the candid remarks by Petraeus provides a revealing list of his critics. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.)—a personal friend of Netanyahu and a leading supporter of Israel—was outraged. Foreign Policy, a magazine of the Foreign Policy Association, whined that Petraeus was “hardening” U.S. policy toward Israel. Abe Foxman,national director of the Anti-Defamation League, issued a statement condemning Petraeus.

The web that entangled Petraeus also features a similar cast of interconnected individuals and institutions. When Petraeus took command of the troops in Iraq, the Jebsen Center for Counter-Terrorism at Tufts University—an incubator for counter-terrorist strategies—was cooperating closely with pro-Israeli policy groups such as the Hudson Institute, theAmerican Israel Public Affairs Committee and the Project for the New American Century.

The “other woman” in the Petraeus affair—Paula Broadwell (née Kranz)—just happens to have been deputy director of Jebsen. A West Point graduate, Mrs. Broadwell—a specialist in ‘black ops’—had participated in a summer cadet exchange program in Israel and even lived in a kibbutz.

Notorious for his interest in younger women, Petraeus was a perfect target for a ‘honeypot’ operation. Broadwell insinuated herself into the general’s world by writing a bragging account of his extremely successful career.

The scandal—it seems—was supposed to be unveiled before the election, perhaps intended to prevent President Barack Obama’s reelection, but backstage maneuvering prevented that from happening. However, the result has been that high-level opposition in Washington to Israel’s agenda has certainly been crippled with Petraeus’s ouster.

Petraeus has been PIMPED OUT

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Just like Prince Harry, Clinton, Spitzer, Weiner, etc… I imagine there are nakid video & photos of Petraeus, PIMPED OUT by the same people and for the same reason: ISRAEL.  Petraeus was knocked out because he claimed the stupid video caused the 4 Navy Seals deaths in Benghazi when in fact it was a strategic mission that killed them albeit by whom remains the question. Military brass has been PIMPED OUT since Bush Jr.’s crusade and it’s all about ISRAEL, christian neocon bible nazi’s and their Jewish ‘remnants’.  Until they are spotlighted and taken out they’re GOING TO CONTINUE, new victims via Sextortions such as Petraeus are a dime a dozen, only the names will change and continue to entertain the public with personal peccadilloes while their perverted wars rage on.

I did 8 yrs. in prison for refusing to abet this scheme with the FBI/CIA in Texas. FORCING hookers to have Sex for another nation is a clue of the moral compass.