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Blah, blah, blah. It doesn’t mean a thing, bunch of lies. You’ll NEVER stop PIMP-agents from spying on drugs, gangs, and FREE SEX CAMS. This FAKE news belongs on The Onion farcical news site and  
So where do we report transgressors of this new reform to?
Along with your rearranging deck chairs …be sure to create a militant-style power source that victims can report the abuse to and where the victim can receive immediate attention and assistance and without automatic retaliation. 
When my escort service was victimized by the spy pimps who wanted to sextort selective clients there was absolutely NO ONE to turn to for help, going to the FBI was like reporting the devil to the witch and they teamed up to retaliate on me, then after 8 yrs in prison the FISA court still refuses my redress and relief, FISA refers to my claims as “frivolous” and “fruitcake” just to save their own selves and their sick schemes.
Thank you