Petraeus has been PIMPED OUT

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just like Prince Harry, Clinton, Spitzer, Weiner, etc… I imagine there are nakid video & photos of Petraeus, PIMPED OUT by the same people and for the same reason: ISRAEL.  Petraeus was knocked out because he claimed the stupid video caused the 4 Navy Seals deaths in Benghazi when in fact it was a strategic mission that killed them albeit by whom remains the question. Military brass has been PIMPED OUT since Bush Jr.’s crusade and it’s all about ISRAEL, christian neocon bible nazi’s and their Jewish ‘remnants’.  Until they are spotlighted and taken out they’re GOING TO CONTINUE, new victims via Sextortions such as Petraeus are a dime a dozen, only the names will change and continue to entertain the public with personal peccadilloes while their perverted wars rage on.

I did 8 yrs. in prison for refusing to abet this scheme with the FBI/CIA in Texas. FORCING hookers to have Sex for another nation is a clue of the moral compass.



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