WHY the NY FBI Pimps (did) hack Anthony Weiners cell phone

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Why the NY FBI Pimps (did) hack Anthony Weiners cell phone then exposed his private photos via Fox News. This ‘Grimm’ dude is eerie, I’ve read so much junk about him it’s scary. He brings 3rd world corruption to the U.S. for sure and is HIGHLY protected – obviously. Thomas Kontogiannis mentioned below is in prison because he was involved in the CIA Pimps Sextortion schemes with Duke Cunningham who is also in prison. More of DC madam Palfrey’s clients & cohorts.

BTW:  (CIA)  KYLE DUSTIN FOGGO 73411-083 57-White-M 12-16-2011 RELEASED
MARCH 2, 2012 9:18 PM



Months before the implosion of his own political career in a sexting scandal, then-Rep. Anthony Weiner dropped a dime on Michael Grimm with the FBI about allegations of trying to extort donations from an influential rabbi and threatening him in the process.


<<“The complaint at the time was that Grimm had mentioned that he was a former FBI agent and let the rabbi know, through his interpreter and staff, that he could help the congregation, or make life tougher for them, and that he was a good person to have as a friend, not an enemy,” the same law enforcement source said.>>

<<In 2008, Grimm urged a federal judge to spare Thomas Kontogiannis , a New York-based developer with three bribery-related convictions, from serving a day in prison.>>

<<And in August Grimm had done business with Carlos Luquis, a fellow ex-FBI agent who served time for his role in a $2 million scam.>>

<<Michael Grimm, U.S Congressman (R) NY, former FBI. A man of many dubious hats.>>

FINALLY:   Feds arrest GOP Rep. Michael Grimm’s top fundraiser


Keep in mind M. Grimm is a NY Representative AND a former FBI agent.


<<Ironically, Congressman Grimm is a former FBI agent who went undercover to investigate white-collar crime on Wall Street. Grimm posed as trader in a firm that was involved in money laundering, making false trades, and manipulating stocks. Grimm left the FBI in 2006.>>

<<Ofer Briton a visa-less Israeli immigrant who is a top fundraiser for New York Republican Congressman Michael Grimm has been arrested….>>

<<Biton is also being investigated over allegations that he and public relations executive Ronn Torossian, stole millions from an Orthodox Yeshiva that Biton helped set up with Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto.>>

<<… also allegedly received donations from Israeli citizens,…>

<<…the AP claims that Rabbi Pinto told Weiner that NY Rep. Grimm was extorting him.>>



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