NYC “Millionaire Madam”‏

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yup, we need to keep track of this one, she should beware of the “yellow nylon rope” that DC madam Palfrey and madam Brandi Britton were found hanging with because she’s obviously deep up inside the anal of the Beast, she has too much information. She can name names and the dirty deeds and will feel betrayed and used up if she ends up seeing prison time like Palfrey and Britton … and other  hookers. Watch this case with both eyes open since it’s happening in NY – she stands a better chance of being covered by cohorts in NY.

Also …. WHO is investigating this case and WHY? The FBI/CIA Pimps-for-Israel-and-Jesus (Pimp-My-War) or the U.S. military such as in the Palfrey-Foggo-PorterGoss case???


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