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ABOUT ME:    Robin Head, Former Texas Madam, Sent to Prison for 10 Years for
Refusing to Do Undercover work spying/blackmailing clients for FBI/CIA agents

Prostitution, Blackmail, and Political Corruption By Agents of the United States

Sex Slavery, Forced Prostitution, Human Trafficking, extortion, blackmail―of the most egregious kind―of U.S. Citizens by the U.S. Government 

My name is Robin Head, previous owner of Playboy Escorts in Houston, Texas. I was approached by various law enforcement agency’s, FBI, ATF, etc… who wanted me to abet them in entrapping “State and political officials” having sex so they could extort, control and blackmail them, not to charge them with misdemeanor prostitution. At the same time, women at my service were being tricked and trafficked overseas to Bangkok and called me collect from a jail in Vienna.A madam from Alabama was found hanging in a federal jail cell in nearby Brazoria County. When I refused to abet in the extortion, I was thrown in jail, no bond, a ‘Life’ sentence filed on me, and then my son and family were harassed and attacked endlessly in some kind of gang like Mafia style.
I went to the FBI, but it was like reporting the devil to the witch, they said they would help me but only if I would help them, again, to set up officials. They had no interest in the corruption aspect. Some very high profile names were involved, people seen on TV news commentary.Who are these agents with this monstrous agenda and what do they want? This is not a left/right wing thing it is a most vicious entity in this country.This country has become as fearful as any other 3rd world country when it comes to reporting crime to officials just exactly like in Russia, Iraq, Africa, Mexico, etc… where it is the officials that are the perpetrators of the crimes, kidnapping, ransom, drugs, and it is dangerous to report to them.

More details on other blackmail activities against American citizens by agents of the DEA, FBI, and other government entities in the book, Defrauding America, by Rodney Stich (available through http://www.amazon.com).

  1. Jim says:


    Not only are you beautiful, you have a lot more class that the CIA FBI blackmaling garbage will ever have. They are the real terrorists in this country, and a complete threat the American people, given their covert ways of undermining the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

    For the FBI in particular black mail is their stock in trade.

    Respectfully yours,

  2. geral says:

    Thank you on behalf of Humanity for the eternal good you do by
    e x p o s i n g the thugs, hoodlums, torturers & terrorists of the fbi/cia for what they are: dangerous criminals who must be stopped at any cost.
    geral sosbee (956)371-5210

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