…that her sister believes was started to cover up her affair with the then Arkansas governor
  • Penthouse Pet Judi Gibbs died in a mysterious house fire in 1986 amid rumors she was having an affair with Bill Clinton
  • She died of smoke inhalation when she was 32, alongside her her long-time beau, 57-year-old Bill Puterbaugh outside Fordyce, Arkansas
  • ‘I have always been convinced that Bill Clinton was responsible for the fire, but I have no proof,’ Gibbs’ older sister Martha tells DailyMail.com
  • Clinton would ask Gibbs to fly from the tiny airport opposite Puterbaugh’s house into Little Rock where he would take her to a hotel
  • But when Gibbs’ brother-in-law, Dale Bliss, was arrested for child rape, Bliss’s house was raided by police and the affair came to and end
  • It’s rumored that a photo was discovered during the raid that Bliss had secretly taken of Clinton with Judi Gibbs
  • Gibbs’ and Puterbaugh’s family believe the fire was started deliberately 
Read more: tinyurl.com/z3uybk8

Alabama authorities say arson is being investigated in a fire that destroyed the home of Tina Johnson, a woman who accused former US Senate candidate Roy Moore of grabbing her on the buttocks in 1991. Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2018/01/05/us/fire-home-of-roy-moore-accuser/index.html

Need military IG to investigate this not FBI terrorist gangs.

Arizona FBI Longbow team is part of the investigation team on this mass shooting, same FBI terrorist gang that killed cattle at Bundy Ranch, that picked up and hid bullet casings at Lavoy’s murder in Oregon where the area was later burned by arsonists, interviewed Jared and Amanda Miller before they killed the 2 Las Vegas cops. Longbow was arrested in Garland, Tx at “Draw Mohammed” and now being sued in Texas for the incident that got cops shot at, involved in the murder of border agent Brian Terry, ’60 Minutes’ did a segment of FBI Longbow corruption. Greg Burleson who got 68 years fed time worked for them, etc, etc… FBI Longbow radicalizes people. Operation Cerberus

Fed’s Killing Cops or Just Collateral Damage? Again!

FBI’s Serial Killers:
aka Charles Johnson is FBI Longbow was at Bundy Standoff, interviewed Jared Miller who killed 2 Vegas cops, he was at Draw Mohammed in Dallas where cops were shot at, part of Fast-n-Furious, etc…

The Serial Killer Freed By The FBI Who Killed Again <…FBI made him a paid informant regarding a murder-for-hire scheme. He murdered while “working” for the FBI between January 2003 and August 2004 — in addition to the potentially dozens of others who are suspected of having fallen prey to his homicidal ways both before and after that spree. http://crimefeed.com/2017/09/32474/

FBI Charles Johnson in Denver, CO. Denver FBI used agent provocateurs including Scott Lee Kimball, an FBI informant, who tortured and murdered as many as 17 women in Colorado. tinyurl.com/yd8mstt6

By Henry Vinson, with Nick Bryant. An insider’s look into a nefarious governmental smear schemes.

Radio interview:  Opperman Report : Nick Bryant , Confessions of A DC Male Madam, Franklin Scandal    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iso6hcoY1DA  start @ 3:30

Blah, blah, blah. It doesn’t mean a thing, bunch of lies. You’ll NEVER stop PIMP-agents from spying on drugs, gangs, and FREE SEX CAMS. This FAKE news belongs on The Onion farcical news site and Rotton.com.  
So where do we report transgressors of this new reform to?
Along with your rearranging deck chairs …be sure to create a militant-style power source that victims can report the abuse to and where the victim can receive immediate attention and assistance and without automatic retaliation. 
When my escort service was victimized by the spy pimps who wanted to sextort selective clients there was absolutely NO ONE to turn to for help, going to the FBI was like reporting the devil to the witch and they teamed up to retaliate on me, then after 8 yrs in prison the FISA court still refuses my redress and relief, FISA refers to my claims as “frivolous” and “fruitcake” just to save their own selves and their sick schemes.
Thank you